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Angie Johnson Says She's on "The Voice" Tonight (Video)

Did you watch "The Voice" last night after the Super Bowl? I did, for the first time, to check out Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson's performance. However, Johnson was only shown for a brief moment in previews of TONIGHT'S show! Johnson even Tweeted during last night's program:

Aww, sorry everyone :( Just a clip of me tonight. But ya'll, auditions continue tomorrow night at 8/7c so TUNE IN fosho!!!

My husband asked me last night while I was watching the show, "How can there be so many undiscovered talented people out there?" But Johnson's story is the perfect example. According to her website:

After years of toiling in the music business... singin' in smoky bars until 3 a.m. and being heart broken repeatedly by several “big breaks” that never came through, I resolved on New Years of 2011 to let my dreams go and pursue a different path....Then on August 8th, 2011, while I was deployed on my 7th tour performing for the troops in the Middle East, an audience member from one of our small acoustic shows posted a YouTube video of me singing that changed my life.

That video, of course, is the YouTube sensation of Johnson performing "Rolling in the Deep" with her band Sidewinder. It's been viewed more than 2.3 million times, and something tells me after Johnson performs tonight on "The Voice," that number will jump even higher.


Here's a different version of "Rolling in the Deep," sung by Angie Johnson for Entertainment Tonight while she was still deployed overseas: