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Daily Report: PTSD Stigma, Afghan Troop Fratricide, Ex-Marine Appeals Murder Conviction

Veterans with PTSD
Veterans with PTSD

Veterans battle PTSD stigma -- even if they don't have it - TODAY HEALTH "Fresh from a tour of duty in Iraq where he earned a Bronze Star, Ryan Gallucci didn’t expect a simple job interview to be such a memorably unpleasant experience."

Top Military Officer: U.S. Can Stay Global Power Despite Threatened Cuts - Wall Street Journal "The top U.S. military officer raised eyebrows earlier this year with a dire warning to Congress about the consequences of imposing automatic across the board budget cuts on the Pentagon: 'We would no longer be a global power.'”

Western troops take steps to avoid fratricide by Afghan troops - Tribune Washington Bureau - "U.S. and NATO soldiers have been ordered to take extraordinary precautions against being shot by Afghan troops, including designating 'guardian angels' to keep watch at joint bases around the clock, according to a senior military official."


Ex-Marine will appeal murder conviction - U-T San Diego "Lawrence Hutchins III, the former Camp Pendleton Marine convicted in 2007 of murdering an unarmed Iraqi man at the peak of the insurgency, is appealing his case to the highest military court."