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Marine Veteran Finds Success With Energy Drink Invention

REUP energy drinks
REUP energy drinks

A California Marine veteran is preparing for a new kind of battle - the cola wars. He's invented the energy beverage "Re-Up," but competing against the big guys won't be easy.

Michael Spearman lives in Northern California, where he invented - and now markets - an energy drink called Re-Up. Its target market is the military. Spearman told Times-Herald the drink is now sold on West Coast Marine Corps installations like Camp Pendleton and MCRD San Diego.

Spearman says he hopes to compete against the big energy drink companies, and get Re-Up sold on Army installations.

"This is not a hobby. This is not a science project. Once you put the juice in the can, you have to finish. Races are won by one step. You just got to keep in the race."

When a service member buys a can of Re-Up, it's not just Spearman who benefits. As part of his business plan, Spearman gives a portion of his proceeds to military charities. According to the Times-Herald, Spearman has already donated more than $2,000 to the Semper Fi Fund.