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Third Arrest in Marine Wife Brittany Killgore Murder

Brittany Killgore
Brittany Killgore

There's been another arrest in connection with the murder of Camp Pendleton Marine wife Brittany Killgore. A Fallbrook woman named Dorothy Grace Marie Maraglino was taken into custody Thursday night for killing Killgore, the third person arrested for the crime.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said in a news release that Maraglino, 36, was arrested at a hotel in downtown San Diego:

Maraglino’s arrest was as a result of information and evidence obtained during the ongoing investigation into this case. No further information will be released at this time as the investigation continues.

Camp Pendleton Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Ray Perez, 45, and Jessica Lynn Lopez, 25, have already been charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of Killgore. During Perez's arraignment last month, prosecutors made public for the first time the connection between Perez and Killgore:

[Deputy District Attorney] Patrick Espinoza said Killgore sent a friend a text that said "help" while she was with the Marine. Espinoza also said that Killgore's blood and a weapon believed to be used on her were found in Perez' vehicle.

Prosecutors have not yet said how Killgore was killed. She was last seen alive April 13. Her body was found near Lake Skinner in Riverside County four days later, according to the Associated Press.

Lopez lived with Perez and another woman, believed to be Maraglino, in Fallbrook.