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Daily Report: Gay Troops And Military Benefits, More Troops Hospitalized For Mental Disorders, Are Robot Soldiers A Threat?

Gays in the military
Matt Radick
Gays in the military

Gay rights conference shifts focus to military families, benefits - Stars and Stripes "When Master Sgt. David Brunstad told commanders about his husband, he worried that their reaction would be either anti-gay or overly politically correct and cautious."

Mental disorder hospitalizations up 19% in 2011 - Marine Corps Times "The number of active-duty troops hospitalized for mental disorders rose 19 percent in 2011, to 21,735, up from 18,250 in 2010, according to a Defense Department morbidity report released Monday."

Robot Soldiers Will Be A Reality-And A Threat - Wall Street Journal "Much controversy has surrounded the use of remote-controlled drone aircraft or 'unmanned aerial vehicles' in the war on terror. But another, still more awe-inducing possibility has emerged: taking human beings out of the decision loop altogether. Emerging brain science could take us there."