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Marine Corps Holds Leadership Training Day On Ethics

Marine Corps Holds Leadership Training Day On Ethics
The Marine Corps will hold a leadership “Ethics” Stand Down on base today, though they prefer to call it a “Stand Up” training day.

The Marine Corps has created unflattering headlines for itself over the past years in combat. This training day is to remind leaders that things like the killings of civilians in Haditha, and photos of Marines urinating on dead bodies, are not what the Corps is about.

Lt Col. Brian Christmas, director of Warfighting at Command and Staff College in Virginia said the one day training is designed to provoke discussion.

“It will include historical cases as well as scientific studies on behavior,” he said, “to try to articulate how human behavior evolves, and why we make the decisions that we make. And honestly, why good people sometimes find themselves in bad situations and decide to do bad things. “


Christmas said the officers will be asked to use the tools from the training to refresh ethical standards among Marines and sailors, after a decade at war.