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Marine Kicked Out Of Corps For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts To Run For Office

Sgt. Gary Stein
Sgt. Gary Stein

Ex-Camp Pendleton Marine Gary Stein, who was kicked out of the Corps in April after writing anti-Obama Facebook posts, has announced plans to run for elected office. Stein, a Tea Party Republican, says he will run for a seat on the Murrieta City Council.

Stein told Camp Pendleton Patch he will pick up the necessary paperwork today:

"...I firmly believe that real 'Change' comes from from real leadership within the cities and towns around the nation."

Interestingly enough, on Sunday Stein wrote on the Facebook page of the Armed Forces Tea Party, saying that he had removed his personal Facebook page - the one on which he wrote statements declaring he would not follow orders from his commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama. (He later altered those statements to say he wouldn't follow "unlawful" orders.)


Stein, who now works as a real estate agent, wrote:

I will be taking a break from the political world the next few weeks as I continue the launch of my real estate business, Gary Stein Homes (Yes that was me plugging my business... what can I say, I'm an entrepreneur) . I will continue to post and comment on AFTP. This will only be for few weeks and when I do restore the page it will be better then ever and we will be relaunching my radio show.

So, it seems, Stein is taking a break from the online political world, but not the real-world political world? Would you vote for Stein if you could? Have your say in our comments section!