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As Hurricane Isaac Hits New Orleans, Army Corps Of Engineers' Levees Put To Test (Video)

Hurricane Isaac has hit New Orleans, putting to the test the $14 billion levee system built by the Army Corps of Engineers.

New Orleans city spokesman Hayne Rainey told USA Today it appears the levees are doing their job:

"All reports are indicating the federal levees protecting the city of New Orleans are holding."

Meanwhile, upwards of 33,000 National Guard troops have been mobilized to help areas reeling from flooding, winds, and heavy rainfall, according to the Pentagon Channel.


National Guard Army 1st Lt. Ryan Collins, officer in charge of the Guard's evacuation assistance and search-and-rescue mission in New Orleans, said:

“We’re in a position to respond to areas that will most likely be affected by major flooding. Once we do a damage assessment, we can then determine where we are needed.”

While still a category one hurricane, the slow-moving Isaac is expected to continue to cause trouble for Louisiana over the next two days.