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Very Excited Dog Reunites With Soldier Dad (Video)

Very happy dog reunites with Soldier dad

Think about how happy your dog is when you come home from work. And you've only been gone a day. Now, multiply that times a thousand (roughly), and you'll be able to appreciate how happy a dog named Little Anne was to greet her soldier dad after months and months apart.

This video was first posted on last spring, but I just caught wind of it today.

MSG Keith F. (no last name given) posted the video, and wrote:

“I deployed to Iraq to close down projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers. On R&R, my family and I met in Germany, so our dog was at home at a kennel. But on my return to the U.S., I was reunited with our dog Little Anne!”

A quick tip before watching the video - make sure you've got the volume up. Listening to Little Anne is half the fun...