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Military Dating Website Poll Shows Single Servicemen Back Romney photo photo bills itself as the place "where the ultimate patriot goes to date." The dating website conducted a poll of its members to find out where they were leaning in the presidential election. Survey says? Most military men back Mitt Romney, with most women supporting President Obama.

Meir Strahlberg, CEO of Avalanche, LLC (the company that owns said in an email news release to the media:

"This poll is an excellent opportunity to really understand what’s important to the men and women in our military.... Collectively, the military could swing the vote from one candidate to another.”

Some interesting findings of the poll: While 75 percent of men polled say they support Romney, only 10 percent support his economic policy of keeping the Bush tax cuts for all Americans. A full 90 percent of men surveyed say they support keeping the tax cuts only for the middle class, which is the Obama plan.

In keeping with this irony, 57 percent of women who responded to the survey support President Obama for president. Yet a majority of women polled - 54 percent - want to keep the Bush tax cuts in place for all Americans.

Here are a few more results of the poll:

<b>Military Spending</b><br><br>Men:<br><br>Decrease military spending from 4.5% GDP to 3%: 80%<br><br>Decrease military spending from 4.5% GDP to 4%: 20%<br><br>Women:<br><br>Decrease military spending from 4.5% GDP to 3%: 67%<br><br>Decrease military spending from 4.5% GDP to 4%: 33%<br><br><b> Same-Sex Marriage</b><br><br>Men:<br><br>For same-sex marriage: 20%<br><br>Against same-sex marriage: 80%<br><br>Women:<br><br>For same-sex marriage: 70%<br><br>Against same-sex marriage: 30%<br><br><b>Gun Control</b><br><br>Men:<br><br>Stricter gun control laws: 57%<br><br>Maintaining the status quo on gun control: 43%<br><br>Women:<br><br>Stricter gun control laws: 62%<br><br>Maintaining the status-quo on gun control: 38%
The poll was conducted in October 2012.