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Two US Sailors Indicted On 'Group' Rape Charges In Japan

Seaman Christopher Browning
Seaman Christopher Browning

Prosecutors in Okinawa have indicted Seaman Christopher Browning and Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker on charges of "group rape" in the attack of a Japanese woman on October 16.

CNN reports both Texas-based sailors face charges of "rape by group" resulting in injury. Browning has also been charged with robbery, for allegedly taking the equivalent of $87 from the victim during the assault, according to the Stars and Stripes.

The indictment claims the two sailors...

...attacked the woman as she walked along a street in central Okinawa just before 4 a.m., choking her and covering her mouth, causing a neck sprain, as they forced her to have sex.

As Home Post reported last month, the Commander of Naval Forces Japan, Rear Adm. Dan Cloyd, apologized to the people of Okinawa for the alleged rape. A curfew has also been enacted for all U.S. service members in Japan in response to the attack.