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WWII Submarine Discovered In Baltic Sea (Video)

Soviet Submarine Sunk In 1941

The Swedish Navy says it has discovered in the Baltic Sea a World War II era Soviet submarine that sank in 1941. Civilian scuba divers were the first to spot the sub on the seabed off Sweden's eastern coast, according to Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

The area where the damaged sub was discovery had been heavily planted with German mines.

I've posted video of the submarine discovered above, which was made available on YouTube by Swedish Armed Forces.


Swedish Navy Commander Christian Allerman told DPA it's believed the sub was at the surface when it was attacked, as the submarine's hatch was found open:

"In those days, submarines traveled at the surface to move quickly or also to charge their batteries. They were submerged when they were planning to attack a vessel or were under attack."