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Blue Star Families Launches Job Network For Military Spouses

Military Spouse Panel

Blue Star Families has launched a group of professional networks to make it easier for constantly-moving military spouses to find work in their new hometowns.

The Blue Star Spouse Networks are a way to help military spouses who have difficulties with interstate licensing requirements for jobs in fields like health care and education.

More than a quarter of military spouses who responded to a recent Blue Star Family survey said they had trouble transferring their professional certificates or licenses across state lines.


According to Blue Star Families:

Military spouses need a way to congregate within their own career fields and develop comprehensive, coordinated strategies to meet the challenges within their own professional fields, and a place where they can connect with others in their field and network amongst themselves.

The Blue Star Spouse Networks has teamed up with Hiring Our Heroes' military spouse program. Hiring Our Heroes is an effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful careers.

If you're interested in joining one of the Blue Star Spouse Networks, click here to start the process.

I've posted video of a Google Hangout by military spouse employment experts shot the day Blue Star Spouse Networks was announced. Good luck!