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Camp Pendleton Wife Named Military Spouse Of The Year Finalist

Kristine Schellhaas
Military Spouse magazine
Kristine Schellhaas

Military Spouse magazine announced this morning the 18 finalists for its 2013 Military Spouse of the Year award - and Kristine Schellhaas of Camp Pendleton is on the list.

Going high tech, the magazine sent out a text message just a few moments ago to make the big announcement.

Schellhaas is the founder of the website USMC Life, which gives Marine Corps families a guide to all Marine bases. Schellhaas describes the site this way:

"There's a ton of resources on the page for families to discover military discounts, benefits from the government and private companies, information and help for newcomers and more. There's a blog made up of other USMC spouses from all ages and backgrounds."

Schellhaas also co-hosts an online radio show called Semper Feisty Radio, where she talks about issues important to military families.