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Salavaging Of USS Guardian Starts Today (Video)

USS Guardian Sailors Meet Adm. Haney

After many stops and starts, it appears salvage operations have resumed today on the USS Guardian, which ran aground on Tubbataha Reef near the Philippines on January 17.

The Philippine Star reports Tropical Depression “Crising” had stalled operations for a bit, forcing the primary crane ship Jascon 25 to temporarily leave the area. However, Jascon 25 is moving back toward the Guardian:

The salvage team as of 9:30 a.m. has installed the reference beacons that would be used by M/V Jascon 25 “to position itself near and as safe as possible to the USS Guardian to operate her cranes for lifting operations later during the salvage operations."

Twelve salvors have also boarded the USS Guardian for the dismantling of the ship.
Tubbataha Reef is an environmentally-sensitive World Heritage Site, and the grounding of the Guardian has sparked protests in the Philippines.

Navy officials have told Stars and Stripes they hope to have the salvage operation, which involves cutting up the ship and removing the pieces, completed by March 23.


Sailors from USS Guardian recently met the Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Cecil Haney. I've posted video of that event up top.