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Home Post Readers Not Happy With Distinguished Warfare Medal

Distinguished Warfare Medal
Distinguished Warfare Medal

Several Home Post readers have joined the ranks of organizations like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Military Order of the Purple Heart in expressing their displeasure at the new Distinguished Warfare Medal.

The Medal honors drone pilots, and ranks above the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

Last month, a Home Post article about an online petition to demote the medal triggered this comment from K.C. Hunter:

"Under no circumstances should this medal rank higher than any medal resulting from combat situations!!!!"

Vietnam Vet wrote:

"Do actual pilots get a medal for being a pilot? I think not! so why should UAV pilots be an exception. If a UAV pilot does something extraordinary then He/She should be recommended for a medal that already exist, just like everyone else. If we give medals just for being a UAV pilot then why not design one for a tank driver or a truck driver? This medal is unnecessary.<br><br>"If you want to seperate the UAV pilots from the rest then design a new type of pilot wings especially for UAV pilots.<br><br>"I earned my crew member wings the old fashion way, I actually flew!"
In a Home Post story about Rep. Duncan Hunter's efforts to demote the medal through new legislation, "OC" commented:
"I am so glad that someone is FINALLY trying to put a stop to this farce and complete degradation to the commendation process. I am a former Green Beret and have been shot at, had to do the same and buried many many friends. The pilots of drones are located in the US and are basically playing a video game. I cannot believe that anyone thinks that these guys should receive a higher award than the Silver Star? This makes me want to throw all of my medals in the trash!"

What do YOU think of the new medal? Have your say in our comments section!