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San Diego Navy Ships Affected By Sequestration Cuts

USS Thatch
U.S. Navy
USS Thatch

Sequestration cuts will affect the scheduled deployments of several San Diego-based ships, according to an announcement made by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus this past weekend.

Mabus cancelled eight ship deployments, including the USS Thatch - which deployed from her homeport of San Diego in January. She will be called home early.

Other San Diego-based ships affected by the cancellations include the destroyer USS Preble, which was scheduled to deploy April 8, and the USS Rentz, which was scheduled to deploy April 19.


Mabus announced that four Navy air wings will be grounded, including Carrier Air Wing 17, which is attached to the San Diego-based USS Carl Vinson.

Mabus wrote in his statement:

"Navy Department Leadership understands the uncertainty that these and other decisions create both amongst our people an in the defense industry upon which we rely. The lack of legislation solution to avoid sequestration is deeply regrettable.<br><br>"That said, we must endeavor to deal with the situation as we face it, not as we wish it could be. We will continue to keep the safety and well-being of our people foremost in mind, even as we try hard to keep whole the force structure which supports them."