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National Guard Aids In Aftermath Of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion (Video)

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes

The Texas National Guard is on the scene of a Central Texas fertilizer plant rocked by several explosions Wednesday night, monitoring air quality and aiding first responders.

The National Guard bureau reports that at least 20 members of the Texas Army National Guard’s 6th Civil Support Team are monitoring air quality in the area of West Fertilizer Plant for hazardous emissions:

National Guard civil support teams work with local authorities and provide additional support during times of emergency or the suspected use of weapons of mass destruction. The teams can identify chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents and substances, assess current and projected consequences and advise on response measures.

Officials in West, Texas estimate that anywhere between 5 and 15 people lost their lives in the explosions, according to ABC News, and roughly 160 of the wounded have been hospitalized.