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Camp Pendleton Marine Convicted Of Attempted Adultery Gets Sentenced

U.S. Air Force

A Camp Pendleton Marine who was convicted of attempted adultery, despite her claim of rape, has been sentenced to a loss of $3,000 in pay and a letter of reprimand, according to the Associated Press.

Military judge Lt. Col. Leon Francis, who presided over the court-martial, convicted the Marine of attempted adultery and obstruction of justice this week. She had faced a year in the brig and a dishonorable discharge as punishment.

The staff sergeant was charged with adultery after her husband of 17 years reported to her superiors that she had sex with another Marine in a hotel room.


However, the convicted Marine claimed she was too intoxicated to give consent to the sexual encounter, and therefore insisted it was rape - not adultery.

Home Post readers have differing opinions on how this case was handled. Debra LeCompte commented:

"This action points out the flagrant dishonorable actions and history of those who command at Camp Pendleton. This coupled with the four murder trials recently involving Camp Pendleton Marines or Ex-Marines showcases the corruption. I guess they don't even realize how this action points the finger at command. The only message it sends is that if you dare to report, even reluctantly, a sexual assault at Camp Pendleton... they will get you... and you will be sorry."

But Alexandria DiBella wrote:

"I held my mouth for awhile now but I'm sick to death of females claiming stuff that never happened..making it so hard for TRUE VICTIMS.....and also costing the careers of many innocent people because the females are always believed...

So sick of these stories...stop the nonsense so real victims stand a chance of being taken serious."
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