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Marine Veteran Saves Life Of Woman Who Jumped From Stadium Deck After Raiders Game (Video)

A 61-year-old Marine veteran is being called a hero, after trying catching a distraught woman who jumped from the upper deck of the Oakland Coliseum after the Raiders lost.

The veteran broke the woman's fall, and the jumper survived — but she suffered very critical injuries in the process.

Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson told the Oakland Tribune:

"He saved her life quite honestly, at his own expense. This guy 100 percent saved her life. She'd be dead now."

According to the Tribune, the veteran was hospitalized with serious injuries, but he is expected to survive.

The Marine vet's name has not yet been released. He did tell police he was a grandfather from Stockton and a lifelong Raiders fan.

KTVU-TV reports the woman that the veteran risked his life trying to save might not survive her injuries.

Sgt. Nelson told the television station:

“It's sad and tragic. Your heart reaches out to both people, the woman who jumped and the man who very heroically tried to save her. You always wonder, why, why would you do that?”

Authorities are still trying to identify the woman.