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Army Veteran Steve Holcomb Medals Again In Bobsled (Video)

Team USA four-man bobsled wins bronze at Sochi Olympics.
Team USA
Team USA four-man bobsled wins bronze at Sochi Olympics.

Army veteran Steve Holcomb won another bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics, this time for four-man bobsled, according to Team USA.

He is now the first American bobsled pilot to earn three Olympic medals.

The number 62 seems to hold some magic for Holcomb. In the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, he piloted the first U.S. bobsled team to win gold in 62 years. Earlier this week, Holcomb earned a bronze in the two-man bobsled, breaking a 62-year drought for Americans in that sport.


And when Holcomb won his bronze medal on Sunday, he became the first American bobsled pilot to win two medals in the same Olympics in - you guessed it - 62 years.

Holcomb said to The Associated Press about his habit of breaking 62-year-old records:

"It's mind-blowing. It's meant to be."

Holcomb isn't the only soldier on the team. Army Capt. Chris Fogt, an Iraq War veteran, was the fourth man on the bronze-winning bobsled team. Fogt told the Washington Post the Sochi Olympics will be his last competition for a while, because he must report to active duty on May 5:

“Whatever the Army tells me to do, I’ll fall in line, like a regular Joe and do my job.”

For more about the four men on the four-man bobsled team, take a look at this video feature from CBS News.