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Wounded Warriors Compete In Paralympics Invitational At Camp Pendleton

 Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior teams face off on the basketball court.
Promise Yee / KPBS
Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior teams face off on the basketball court.

Challenged athletes are battling for position while launching basketballs and volleyballs from wheelchairs during Wounded Warrior Paralympics Invitational events that finished Wednesday.

The games at Camp Pendleton include archery, swimming, track, cycling, volleyball and shooting.

Marine Sgt. Christopher Hancock said the competition was challenging.


"Well I have to deal with not having any feet, so getting around the terrain here and trying to keep up with everybody else that's normal, that's my biggest task," he said. "I'm able to do it. And seeing everyone else out here that's an amputee pushes me a little bit harder."

Athletes each compete in three sports. Top players go on to the Marine Corps national team and compete against other military branches in the Warrior Games in Colorado.

Commander Lauren Nilsen, U.S. Navy nurse and Wounded Warrior seated volleyball coach said while the competition is spirited, the goal is to support military men and women in their physical and emotional recovery.

"We're promoting athleticism, recovery, camaraderie, good fun and that bonding that's unique to the armed forces, in particular for the United States Marine Corps," she said.