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Air Force Sgt. Charged With Stealing Credit Card Info From Service Members

Retired Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Underwood
U.S. Air Force
Retired Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Underwood

Retired Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Underwood, 42, was charged Monday with wire fraud, bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft - after allegedly stealing credit card information from fellow service members in the San Diego area.

According to, the indictment against Underwood claims he used his military identification to use on-base gyms, then pilfered credit card info he found in service members' belongings that were unattended during workouts:

More the 30 times, Underwood swiped military-issued credit, debit cards and the service members’ birth dates and social security numbers, the indictment says. That included victims’ government travel charge cards, which can only be used when the cardholder is on official military travel. reports Underwood allegedly charged more than $20,000 on stolen credit and debit cards.


A commentary by written Underwood in 2010 for the California Air National Guard 129th Rescue Wing quotes him as saying:

"As an Airman, I don't have to look like you, think, be or speak like you... to stand with and advocate for you! As Airmen, fellow service members, and community partners, regardless of rank or position, we are Better Together than We Are Alone!"

Underwood is slated to return to court July 3 for a bond hearing.