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Miramar Air Show To Feature Final Flight Of Sea Knight 'Phrog' (Video)

The Vietnam-era aircraft CH-46 Sea Knight will fly its final time in an airshow at the 2014 Miramar Air Show, according to MCAS Miramar public affairs:

Several Sea Knights, commonly known to Marines as “Phrogs,” are scheduled to fly each day in a segment dubbed, the “Phinal Phrog Phlyover,” with a narration about the aircraft and its history.

This year's air show, which takes place Oct. 3-5, will also welcome back the Blue Angels, who were unable to perform last year because sequestration cuts prompted the Pentagon to ground all military aircraft for air shows.

The San Diego-based U.S. Navy Parachute Team, better known as the Leap Frogs, will also show off their high-flying skills at the air show. The Leap Frogs are an all-volunteer team made up of Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen.


For the entire 2014 Miramar Air Show schedule, click here.

Here's a taste, courtesy of MCAS Miramar, of what you can expect:

2014 Miramar Air Show: Proud to host the largest military air show