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Baskin-Robbins' Newest Flavor For Veterans Day? Camouflage Ice Cream

First Class Camouflage Layered Sundae and First Class Camouflage ice cream cone.

You had me at salty caramel, Baskin-Robbins. But the ice cream chain's newest flavor isn't just about taste. First Class Camouflage is meant to honor our military on Veterans Day.

According to People magazine, First Class Camouflage is a swirl of three flavors: salty caramel, chocolate, and vanilla cake. reports that not only will Baskin-Robbins give the USO a dime for every scoop of ice cream it sells, the company has started a “veteran’s incentive program” to help vets get a jump start on starting their own businesses:

[The program] waives the $25,000 franchise fee for vets who want to open a store in the U.S. Baskin-Robbins will also offer a 0 percent royalty rate for the first two years of franchise ownership, and a reduced rate for years three through five.

You can get First Class Camouflage and the First Class Camouflage Layered Sundae (with pieces of Oreo cookies, caramel praline topping, hot fudge, and whipped cream) throughout the month of November.