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Roundtable: Plea Change In Hunter Corruption Case

Roundtable: Plea Change In Hunter Corruption Case

The wife of Congressman Duncan Hunter pleads guilty in the couple’s corruption case, the military grants media access to its border mission in Texas, and San Diego State University plans to reform its scholarship system after millions of dollars were unawarded.

Margaret Hunter plea change

Margaret Hunter, the wife of East County Congressman Duncan Hunter, changed her plea to guilty in their campaign spending case. She admits to using Hunter’s congressional campaign account to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a long list of personal expenses for the Hunter family. She will be sentenced in September. Rep. Hunter has lost much of his influence in Congress as he awaits trial.


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Military at the border

KPBS military reporter Steve Walsh recently visited El Paso, Texas, which has been the focal point of this year’s surge in border crossings. Military members discussed their mission to assist Customs and Border Protection. Much of the military’s role centers around surveillance and maintenance of existing barriers.

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SDSU scholarships unawarded


San Diego State University failed to award $20 million in scholarship money over the past decade. The university says several factors are to blame, including an outdated internal system for managing scholarships, limits to who are eligible, and the need to modernize the application process. SDSU’s president says there are plans to improve the scholarship system beginning next year.

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