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Lieberman Leads Challengers by Wide Margin

In the Connecticut senate race, polls show incumbent Joe Lieberman, who's running as an independent, leading Ned Lamont, who beat Lieberman in the Democratic primary. According to the latest poll from Quinnipiac University, Lieberman has surged ahead. He holds a 17-point lead over Lamont among likely voters.

Lieberman is looking particularly strong among Republican voters -- he also holds a lead over Alan Schlesinger, the Republican whom the state and national party has plainly ignored.

Lamont won the Democratic primary on the strength of his stance against the Iraq War. But Lieberman decided to run as an independent -- a decision that angered many Democrats.


John Dankosky, news director at WNPR in Hartford, Conn., says that Lieberman's sizeable lead was enough for him to skip a final debate in the campaign, scheduled for Thursday.

Dankosky says that many Democrats threw their support behind Lamont, expressing their fatigue with the U.S. mission in Iraq.

Lieberman says that if he wins re-election, he will still caucus with the Democrats in Congress.

Melissa Block talks with Dankosky.

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