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Iran Suspends Release of U.K. Sailor Turney

The U.N. Security Council has expressed "grave concern" at Iran's capture of 15 British sailors and marines last week. London wants them returned, but Iran has given mixed signals on releasing the lone female sailor.

The woman, Faye Turney, was shown on Iranian television last night, eating with her shipmates. A letter that

Iranian authorities also aired images of a letter they say Turney wrote, in which the author acknowledges that British ships were trespassing on Iranian waters when the service members were seized. The footage provoked outrage when it was shown in Britain.


After initial suggestions that Turney would be released, Iran says it has "suspended" her release.

Blair's official spokesman has rejected a suggestion by the Iranian foreign minister that Britain should resolve the crisis by admitting its personnel had made a "mistake" and crossed into Iranian waters.

The United States and Britain's European allies have expressed support for the British stance. But an Iranian spokesman said that what he called "interference" by third parties would not help resolve the issue.

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