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Guster Talks 20 Years Of Music — And Performs Live

Guster's latest album is <em>Evermotion</em>.
Zoe Ruth Erwin
Courtesy of the artist
Guster's latest album is Evermotion.

When the members of Guster met at Tufts University, they never guessed that by the time they graduated they'd be looking to buy a van and hit the road together. To this day, drummer Brian Rosenworcel says he can't believe his bandmates let him join the group — after all, he was the guy who thought it'd be cool to bring his bongos to college.

That pared-down, acoustic sound has gotten much bigger since the band made its 1995 debut album, Parachute — and the musicians joined Weekend Edition Sunday in the studio to prove it. Listen their conversation with host Rachel Martin at the audio link, and hear them perform songs from their new album, Evermotion, below.

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