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The Wisdom of King Solomon

Wow, I'm kind of impressed. Mitt Romney has left the race.

"In this time of war," he has decided to & ldquo;stand aside for the good of the country, & rdquo; and the good of the party so that the Republicans can defeat the Democrats.

You've got to admire that. True, he suffered a crushing blow on Super Tuesday with John McCain's decisive lead, but I'm trying to be less cynical and believe that this was, at least in part, a selfless act. &


McCain has lost a formidable opponent, but he is still opposed by a passionate conservative political movement in his own party. & Hillary Clinton knows a little about that, since a passionate anti-war movement opposes her in her party, a situation that should only strengthen Barack Obama's position.

Now, if the Democrats can learn something here. I pray that Obama and Clinton are able to conduct themselves with civility as they continue down the rock-strewn path of campaigning. If only they can step over those rocks and resist the temptation to throw them. John McCain is suddenly looking very presidential and both Democrats must immediately drop any inclination to pettiness or smallness of spirit. (And Hillary, stop the eye rolling and smirks; they do not become you, Dear.)