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Having A Public Debate

But this is the Internet Age and things have to move fast. Sound bites, not debates. Catch phrases like "essence of marriage" are preferred by some over actual comparisons of the privileges and responsibilities of different versions of marriage. There's no need to wait and see how something works when criticism can be posted immediately, and a rabble inspired to follow and donate.

Personally, the initiative in question has previously failed to get on the ballot, and I find it hard to believe there are enough Californians who hate their neighbors so much that they would sign such a repulsive petition. If there are, I hope to see the KnowThyNeighbor project expand to California so that everyone can know exactly how their neighbors feel about these issues.

Maybe it's the fact that I've been blogging since 2001, and had various websites for over a decade, but anonymity annoys me. Anonymous comments on websites, scribbled signatures on petitions, and leaked rumors from unnamed campaign officials are no substitute for a live, in-your-face debate on the issues.


It could be that the internet is finally going to live up to its potential to host that debate. Not just one-sided spouting of polemic opinion on different virtual soapboxes, but open, cross-referenced debate where the public record of a citizen is held up next to his or her comments to bring the check of credibility that anonymity denies. Then we could have a real good election on the issues.