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Extra Cream Cheese for your Obagelama

Although they are not a homogenous group, coming from areas as distinct as Mexico, Central America, and Cuba, Hispanics are generally in agreement on their issues which focus on immigration reform, and concerns about the economy and the Iraq war. After McCain backed off from his call for a path to citizenship when his conservative supporters objected, support from the Latino community softened. He has recently reinvigorated his campaign for those votes which could be crucial in battleground states : Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida. &

Meanwhile Obama is using his San Diego visit to court Latino voters and beef up his campaign treasury. The fundraiser is a pricey VIP breakfast at the El Cortez with such well known Democrats as Lynn Schenk, Elaine and Murray Galinson, Laurie Black and Bob Lawrence on the committee. The cost to attend (and to be on the committee) is $28,500 per couple or $14,250 per person. & Here's a breakdown of how such substantial campaign contributions can be legal , according to Christine Forester, vice chair of the Obama for America national finance committee and local business and marketing consultant who supplied these numbers as maximum allowable contributions:

  • $2300 per individual for primary election (good until the convention begins)
  • $2300 per individual for general election & (to be spent after the convention)
  • $28,500 per individual to Democratic National Committee (Obama takes over the DNC)

Since Obama is expected at the NCLR brunch that same morning, you know his breakfast time will be very limited. But for $14,250, those minutes will be precious and a photo op with the candidate is included. & When I asked Forester about whether the breakfast menu would reflect the sumptuousness of the cost (I'm thinking Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon), she acknowledged that the bagels would have a little more cream cheese.