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Countdown to the Conventions

We've roughly divided up our assignments so that I'll be focusing on delegates who are either leaders in the political parties such as California's Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring and San Diego's Democratic Chair Jess Durfee. & I expect to interview Democratic Members of Congress Susan Davis and Bob Filner. & I did call Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, but he isn't going to the RNC. & But I have some other Republican dignitaries on my list whom I'll be calling in the next few days.

Joe Spurr has already started his contact phone calls to "ordinary" citizen delegates to ask them how they got involved and what they expect to get out of the enclaves. & His convention interviews with those folks will be featured on the Political Fix blog in both audio and video, we expect. & And he'll be filing some of those stories on KPBS Radio.

Kurt Kohnen, our production manager, has shipped the equipment to Denver where he will claim it on Sunday and then install it in our assigned spaces on Radio Talk Show Row. & But Kurt will do double-duty beyond facilitating the complicated technical arrangements to get our print, audio, and video materials back to the station. & He will also cover the protests at both sites, and early reports indicate that the protestors are well-organized and avidly committed to having their message heard - a potent combination. & Kurt is ready for that challenge.


The KPBS web site will be active 7/24 with our reports. & On radio, listen to us at 7:30 am and 8:30 am, Tuesday through Friday of both weeks. & Also on Wednesday mornings at 9 am, we'll be on These Days . And we are planning to host the Friday 9 am Editors Roundtable from the convention cities as well. & And, of course, we'll be looking forward to reading your comments about our convention coverage while we are on the road.