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Congresswoman Susan Davis at the DNC

Above: Click to play the interview with Congresswoman Susan Davis

I met Susan Davis decades ago when she was the first KPBS Coordinator of Volunteers & ndash;- and she was hugely successful organizing the station's very first group of San Diegans who wanted to help public broadcasting flourish. & She was a highly educated wife of a successful psychiatrist and the mother of two young boys. & We had a great deal in common.

But while I made my life's work KPBS, Susan moved into elective office & ndash; as a school board trustee, a State Assemblywoman, and then into Congress. & I've watched her grow as a politician and become more involved, more focused, and much more articulate. & In her maturity, she's attained a higher level of mastery in her selected profession. On this second night of the Democratic National Convention, this interview effectively captured her reaction to what was happening as history was being made.