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An Energy Crisis, an Alaskan Delegate, and a Vote

Approaching the RNC floor, I ran into Alaskan delegate Jason Rampton, who was fully decked-out in "Drill Now!" gear that I later discovered wasn't something he put together but was a uniform provided to him and other GOP guests.

Above: Jason Rampton. Click play for full audio.

Energy is a such a critical topic this election cycle. I was especially pleased to pick the brain of an Alaskan delegate, considering the issue's relevance to the debate over oil drilling and native Sarah Palin's recent anointment as John McCain's vice-presidential pick.


Said Rampton:

"They're going to love her, just like we do up in Alaska."

On energy reform:

"I don't think the government is the solution, I think the government needs to allow us as citizens, as companies, as corporations, to provide the energy and to kind of get out of the way and allow that to happen."

After I walked away from the conversation, I realized I should have pressed him more on a variety of issues, including the tension between how we could cultivate alternative energy sources while still not wanting the government to take the lead on energy reform. What do you think ?