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Why Obama Will Win

Almost everyday I receive emails and phone calls from friends and colleagues who have fallen for some story they heard on the McCain Noise Machine . They wonder if we will end up with a McCain/Palin administration. & (After all, George Bush was allowed to be President not once but TWICE, a fact that still seems inconceivable.) &

Over and over I hear myself explaining why Obama is the best leader for these turbulent times, so have I've distilled these discussions into a few key issues.

1. & Obama has the resolve, intellect, and insight to be an effective President. &


2. & Obama understands the complexity of the foreign policy issues that the next President will face. He understands that in addition to a strong military, the importance of dialogue and diplomacy are crucial to resolving global crisis.

3. & Obama knows its 2008 and not 2004 or 1973. The country has changed and Obama gets this . He has given a voice to the millions of Americans who understand that the mistakes of the past eight years & must not continue.

4. & Most Americans with half a brain do understand that this election is not an "American Idol" entertainment vehicle and are able to grasp the difference between real issues and political spin.

5. & Obama has given us the opportunity to elect a President who will bring hope and inspiration to move beyond the current domestic, economic and geopolitical quagmire.