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Pit Bull Politics in Paradise

According to a Letter to the Editor in the Coronado Eagle and Journal , written by Mayoral Candidate Phil Monroe (who is a Republican, but leaves his partisan affiliation out of city politics), the central committee of the San Diego County has instituted a new policy which requires candidates who seek the party's endorsement to sign a loyalty pledge that states, "Do you pledge not to endorse non-Republicans." Evidently, only one mayoral candidate signed the required "yes" needed to earn that San Diego County Republican Party "Seal of Approval." & Since that endorsement is signed by local GOP Party Chairman Tony Krvaric , one might question its inherent value.

Evidently, as the only endorsed candidate, Tom Stickel's campaign took the pledge to heart because when a well-known Coronado Republican endorsed a Democrat as her choice for mayor, Stickel's wife/campaign manager fired off an unsolicited email railing at her to resign her party affiliation and labeled her a "socialist."

According to this self proclaimed "Christian Warrior" among this teacher's "sins" is that "he is a 32-year-old, registered Democrat, and a card-carrying teacher's union member." & She states that he is "unmarried" and "not a homeowner," as if these were degenerate attributes.


& She goes on to proclaim that "non-partisan sentiments have spread like an infection, a bacteria, & into our city."

When did the non-partisan cooperation among neighbors & become a negative condition? Heaven help us if we all must march lockstep to a single creed, be it political or religious.

The tone of this election has required that voters look past the rampant demagoguery of some of the candidates and truly consider their individual characters. &

Voters should ask who has the least to gain by being elected to this position? And who has shown a steady and lengthy commitment to public service, unattached to financial advancement? & Who is best able to keep partisan politics out of the city council chambers? Who best understands the importance of separation of church and state? & And finally, which candidate truly understands the need to preserve what is still good about the village of Coronado?