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Poll: Voters Support Changing California's Constitution

Most Californians support reforming the state’s constitution, but they aren’t crazy about the proposals that are being floated to do so. That’s the word from a new Field Poll released today.

The statewide survey found 51 percent of Californians believe fundamental change needs to be made to the state constitution. But many of the reform proposals being discussed aren’t going over so well.

According to the Field Poll, most Californians don’t like the idea of lowering the current two-thirds vote requirement to a simple majority to pass a state budget. They also don’t like the idea of allowing the legislature to increases taxes with a majority vote, or the idea of allowing commercial property to be taxed at a higher rate than residential property.


The survey found voters prefer a constitutional convention over a revision commission to develop reforms. And more than 60 percent of those asked said they’d be either very likely or somewhat likely to serve as a convention delegate. The survey of about 1,000 Californians was completed early this month.