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Lawmakers Take Another Shot At Legalizing Marijuana

A bill to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana has been re-introduced in the state assembly. Supporters say the current prohibition against the drug just doesn't work.

A similar measure was approved by the assembly's public safety committee last year. But supporters say they ran out of time to move the bill any further.

The measure would regulate and tax marijuana using a structure like the one that governs alcohol. Sales would be prohibited to minors.

Aaron Smith is with the Marijuana Policy Project. He says currently drug cartels control distribution.

"We need to rethink a policy that has obviously failed, and by controlling marijuana and putting it in a regulating market, we're going to go a long way towards actually reducing use," Smith said.

Critics argue that if marijuana is legalized more people will abuse it.

A separate measure to legalize marijuana will likely be on the November ballot.

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