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Election Officials Gear Up For Primary Day

Primary Day in California is just a day away, and elections officials are scrambling to get everything ready in time.

What’s it like for elections officials the day before polls open?

“Today is the day we deal with a thousand last minute, little, tiny brush fires,” said Freddie Oakley, clerk recorder for Yolo County.


Oakley said poll worker training is done and all the polling places are set up and staffed. But today …

“We get all the phone calls from people who suddenly can’t work tomorrow or don’t understand what they’re supposed to do or aren’t sure where they’re supposed to go,” said Oakley.

Some worst-case scenarios from previous elections: a poll worker dies or a polling place burns down.

Officials are also getting all the different ballot styles ready to go for each political party in every different jurisdiction. In Yolo County alone, Oakley said that’s more than 150 different ballot styles.