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Calif. Submit Focuses On Academic Side Of Climate Change

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is kicking off his third Global Climate summit today at the University of California at Davis.

Governor Schwarzenegger said this year’s global climate summit will be held at UC Davis to emphasize the academic side of climate change. He said this year’s gathering has several goals in mind.

“It’s not just to reduce greenhouse gasses, it’s not just about global climate change, but what this is all about is where cars come in very, very handy, those kinds of alternative fuel vehicles, is just basically not to live off of and rely so heavily on foreign oil.”

Schwarzenegger said health risks associated with carbon emissions will also be a focal point of the summit.

Several key international figures are expected at this year’s summit, including British Prime Minister David Cameron. Some notable Hollywood figures will also be there, including Director James Cameron and actor Harrison Ford.

The summit runs through Tuesday.