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Bill Requiring Paid Signature-Gatherers To Identify Themselves Headed to Governor

You've probably seen them outside the grocery store: people gathering signatures for California ballot measures. Many of them are paid to do so. A bill on its way to Governor Jerry Brown's desk would require them to wear a badge identifying that they're not working for free. Democratic State Senator Mark DeSaulnier helped write the bill.

"Polling has shown that people - that Californians - love direct democracy and the initiative system," DeSaulnier said, "but they also understand that it's complex and it would be helpful for more transparency."

Supporters say it's about giving voters more information before they decide whether to support an initiative.


But opponents, like the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, believe it will make it more difficult for measures to qualify for the ballot. They point out that people already have the right to ask signature-gatherers if they're being paid - and by whom.