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Officials Hope For A Peaceful Protest At Port Of San Diego

Occupy San Diego and other anti-Wall Street groups along the California coast are planning to shut down local ports Monday.

San Diego protestors have been warned they may be arrested if they attempt to block operations, and Port officials said there will be a strong police presence at the waterfront.

Officials have designated two areas outside the 10th Street Terminal - including Cesar Chavez Park - where Occupy San Diego will be allowed to peacefully protest.


Marguerite Elicone, with the Port of San Diego, said she hopes the protest does not interrupt port business.

"Our workers are the 99 percent. They're dock workers, maintenance workers. While we support the Occupy Freedom of Speech, we don't want them to stop our workers from going to work," Elicone said.

Port officials said the maritime business has an economic impact of $7.6 billion on the region each year. That includes all port-related businesses, from shipping companies and truck driving companies to grocery stores that receive goods.

Occupy protestors said the Monday's protest is meant to highlight what they see as abuses by corporations that do business at the ports.

Last month, thousands of protestors managed to shut down the port of Oakland for a few hours.


The International Dockworkers Union does not support the West Coast port blockade.