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Analysts Differ On How Mending State Should Move Forward

Analysts Differ On How Mending State Should Move Forward
California “is on the mend.” That’s what Governor Jerry Brown declared in his annual State of the State address today. There’s disagreement over how a state “on the mend” should move forward.

Roger Niello is a former Republican California State Senator. He claimed Brown's plan to impose higher taxes as the state is just beginning to see new growth isn't the way to go.

"I do personally see a very recognizable increase in the economy and I would hesitate to approve a significant tax increase as we see how that plays out," said Niello.

But others believe waiting for economic growth isn't aggressive enough. Jean Ross heads a group that advocates for middle and low income people called the California Budget Project.


"Anyone who puts forward that approach is very unrealistic," said Ross. "The best message that the governor put forward really is that we are at the point where we need to tackle our problems head on."

Brown is pushing for a November ballot initiative on taxes.