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FPPC Delays Vote on Paid Political Blogger Regulations

California's campaign finance watchdog is delaying next month's vote to regulate political bloggers paid to promote campaigns.

Fair Political Practices Commission Chair Ann Ravel said she wants to work with bloggers after the busy campaign season to revise the current proposal.

Ravel spoke after a meeting Tuesday in Sacramento. "The way it's written, it has been pointed out, would impact people who perhaps work casually for a campaign but aren't actually paid for the opinion who express an opinion," said Ravel. "So we don't want to do that."

The draft regulation would require campaigns to report payments to anyone who blogs, posts on Facebook or Twitter, or uploads videos. It's drawn criticism from influential Democratic and Republican bloggers. They argue such regulation would be unworkable and overly broad.

Ravel said the goal is to let voters know who's being paid to give their opinions.