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Filner Releases Calendar: What's Missing?

KPBS Mayoral Debate

San Diego mayoral candidate Bob Filner says he has released what he says is his personal, campaign and congressional calendar to the KPBS/I-Newsource Investigations Desk. The congressman was challenged to release the document in a show of transparency. But the calendar is missing 91 days out of 261, and does not contain any business conducted in Washington D.C.

Filner Releases Calendar: What's Missing?
San Diego mayoral candidate Bob Filner released his calendar to the KPBS/I-Newsource Investigations Desk. The calendar is missing several days, and all activity in Washington D.C.

The document Filner provided begins on January 14, 2012, and ends September 30, 2012. It’s a long list of luncheons, dedication ceremonies and opening receptions.

"My personal, campaign and Congressional calendars are all incorporated and managed by the Congressional staff, as allowed by law," Filner wrote in an email to KPBS.


"I have released my calendar void of constituent and personal appointments to the media, as requested," he wrote.

Bob Filner's Calendar
Congressman Bob Filner released this document in response to The KPBS/I-Newsource Investigations Desk to release his personal calendar, with the understanding that he might redact any truly personal items.
To view PDF files, download Acrobat Reader.

But the calendar does not list a single event or meeting in D.C. or a congressional vote between January and September of this year.

The website, which tracks congressional votes, reports Filner did cast votes in the capital during that time period.

The showdown to release personal calendars came to head last week at a KPBS mayoral debate.

“Come clean Carl... release your personal emails, and your phone calls and your calendars," Filner challenged City Councilman Carl DeMaio.


It was in response to a KPBS/I-Newsource investigation about whether DeMaio’s relationship with wealthy developer and newspaper owner Doug Manchester could ultimately influence decisions made at City Hall if DeMaio is elected mayor.

In our series, Port Authority, the KPBS/I-Newsource Investigations Desk documents the long financial and political relationship between elected officials and newspaper owner Doug Manchester and his CEO John Lynch. Who stands to win and lose if a new stadium is built at the site of the terminal and why is John Lynch claiming to have the support of one of the San Diego mayoral candidates?

Filner is a congressman and isn’t legally required to release such information because members of Congress are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

DeMaio as a councilmember is subject to the Public Records Act, but calendars, especially personal ones, may not fall under the act. The law isn’t clear.

DeMaio posts his public calendar online. Several entries simply state “Hold for Carl.”

Neither calendar provides any insight into whom the candidates are meeting with.