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If Ohio Goes Obama, Nevada Is A Must For Romney

In this final-week sprint, both presidential candidates are desperately campaigning to win the Nevada vote. And if Governor Mitt Romney ends up losing Ohio, the Nevada race becomes critical. Fox Latino breaks down a few possible scenarios:

If Romney wins North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Ohio, then Nevada could be the final state to put him over the top. The same role might be played by Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin or New Hampshire.

And if [President Barack] Obama wins Ohio and Wisconsin, then Romney could still claim the White House by winning Nevada and those other four competitive states.
Of course, Ohio is still a toss-up. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog at suggests that Obama has an edge over Romney in both Ohio and Nevada.

But if we’re getting deep into the blogs, Romney might be quietly winning Nevada. (Here's an interesting update on our story).

Regardless, Nevada’s crucial role in the election is not lost on either candidate. The campaigns are blanketing the state with millions of dollars of ads. They are also fighting for the Latino vote.


We explore how much the campaigns are spending on these ads and what voters in the state have to say about the advertising storm.