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Last Chance To Request Mail-in Ballot

Last Chance To Request Mail-in Ballot
If you want to vote by mail, you must request your ballot by Tuesday, October 30th.

Tuesday, October 30th is the deadline to request a mail-in ballot, if you want to vote that way. More than half the voters in San Diego County cast their ballots in their mailboxes. So far this election, more than 250,000 voters have already sent their ballots in.

Each one of those ballots is opened and scrutinized by one of about 60 San Diego County Registrar of Voters employees for mistakes or omissions.

Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler said one of the most common mistake her office sees is missing signatures.


"When people send in their mail ballots, they need to make sure that envelope is signed", she said.

"If we see an envelope that's not signed, we immediately send that back to the voter".

Seiler said problem ballots are passed along to someone on the quality assurance team, whose job is to determine voter intent.

For example, she said "If a voter has made a very faint mark and we're concerned that it might not be read through these scanning machines, then we will actually put a little mark over that to make sure that vote is correctly tabulated."

Seiler said the staff at the County Registrar of Voters works hard to make sure each vote counts. You can help by signing your envelope, filling in the bubbles completely, and getting your ballot in by 8 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6th.


To request a mail-in ballot, go to