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LGBT Activist Calls On Dumanis To Withdraw Support Of County Clerk's Re-Election Bid

Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor
Bonnie Dumanis (right), sits with her mother, Ann, and wife, Denise, on a bench in Rancho Bernardo dedicated to Dumanis' father, Abe.

In what he called a “deep plea,” a prominent LGBT activist is asking District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to withdraw her endorsement of San Diego County Clerk Ernie Dronenburg.

Sean Sayla says Dronenburg is unworthy of Dumanis’s support because he challenged a gay marriage ruling.

Sala says he was shocked to learn this week that Dumanis — who is married to a woman — had endorsed Dronenburg in his bid for another term as San Diego County Clerk, whose office issues marriage licenses.


Last summer, Dronenburg asked the California Supreme Court to stop gay weddings. He filed weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision invalidating a state law that banned gay marriage.

Sala says Dumanis’s backing of Dronenburg is baffling.

“Because she is gay," Sala said. "I know her and her wife went through the ups and downs of Proposition 8 and she knows how much people have fought for this. What Ernie did was not only an attack on me. It was an attack on millions of Californians and it directly affected her family and her ability to be equal under the law.”

Dumanis’ campaign spokesperson said Dumais does not intended to take back her endorsement of Dronenburg.

"I've been fighting for equality for a long time and as an LGBT elected official and first openly gay district attorney in the nation, I've learned that by communicating, we can often change hearts and minds one person at a time," Dumanis said in a statement.