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San Diego Supporters Join Nationwide 'March 4 Trump'

Susan Murphy
Supporters of President Donald Trump march along the San Diego Embarcadero as part of the nationwide "March 4 Trump" to show they stand behind the president's policies, March 4, 2017.
San Diego Supporters Join Nationwide 'March 4 Trump'
President Trump supporters marched Saturday along the Embarcadero, while another group gathered behind the convention center to hear speeches supporting his policies.

Chanting “He’s our president” and “U-S-A,” a crowd of 150 supporters of President Donald Trump on Saturday morning waved American flags as they marched along the sidewalks of the Embarcadero in San Diego. The “March 4 Trump” event was part of a nationwide effort to show they stand behind the president and his policies.

“I hope it makes people realize that we’re a lot stronger, there’s a lot more diversity in our group of people so that the left side can become more tolerant, and so that we can actually be out here and be open to support our president,” said Brittney Welch, who organized San Diego’s march.


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Welch said she is tired of seeing President Trump “dragged through the mud.”

“We hate the fact that he’s working so hard, and he’s losing sleep, and we can see it in his face,” said Welch, adding that she supports his policies 100 percent.

“America should come first when dealing with other countries. Our economy has been down. We notice that there’s a lot of business done outside of our country versus here,” Welch said. “And the travel ban was put in place to ban people from countries where there’s radical terrorists.”

Susan Murphy
A crowd of approximately 200 supporters of President Trump attend a "Spirit of America" rally along San Diego Bay, March 4, 2017.

Down the bay behind the Convention Center, another pro-Trump event, billed “The Spirit of America” rally, drew a crowd of 200 people, many dressed in red, white and blue, who brought their lawn chairs and picnic lunches.

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A stage set up along the waterfront featured numerous speakers, including a former U.S. Secret Service agent; a KFMB radio host; Gina Loudon, TV personality, writer and speaker; and Patti Siegmann, president of Oceanside Republican Women Federated.

Approximately two dozen anti-Trump protesters were also at the rally holding a banner that read: “No ban, no wall” and chanting, “We’ll tear it down.”

Susan Murphy
Two dozen protesters stood nearby a "Spirit of America" pro-Trump rally to voice their opposition to the president's policies, March 4, 2017.

Zach Frailey said he came out to voice his concerns about Trump’s border wall.

“And the mass deportations going on right now and the targeting of innocent families,” Frailey said. “We want this country to be open to everybody who wants to come here and search for a better life.”

Heavy security kept both events peaceful. Police reported no arrests were made.

Also on Saturday was a "March4Impeachment" event in Ocean Beach, which included a beach cleanup and registering new voters.